Fantasy Role-Playing That Helps Your Business

You slip into the alternate worlds and learn to become the main character in your own story. 


Your Heart Knows Adventure.

I can say that with relative certainty. Humans are built around adventure and exploration after all and I've yet to meet one that hasn't felt that little glimmer of something more. Wild. Out there. 

It wriggles around and nudges you when you're working. When life gets repetitive, and mundane. It calls (LOUDLY) that hey, maybe, you could just get in the car and drive. Hop on a bus and go. Fly far away and... what?

Something. Something new, out of the ordinary. Adventure.

Here's the question I have for you. When did you last listen? 

And, maybe even more importantly, are you happy with that answer? 

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This is an Invitation. For you. Specifically.

I want to invite you to come and play. 

In this place we make the mundane sparkle. We grab your boring business processes and shake them up until the call for victory rings in your ears. We, you and I, bravely look at what isn't working, at the cobwebs in the corners, at the holes in your foundations. 

Then we clean them out. We break down thick stone walls (think the beautiful, highly effective, medieval castle ones) and let in the light. We divert rivers, grow mountains (or flatten them), and turn your company into a kingdom worth tending to. 

And the best part of this whole restructuring project? 

It turns into the business you craved to the bottom of your soul when you turned away from an average, expected life. 

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Feeling that tingling, itchy, restless whisper when you wake... and then grinning as you pick up your sword.

Can you picture...

Surveying your business metrics however instead of that pit in your stomach weighing you down... Light dances in your eyes & you see the path onward.

What if...

You could heed your wildest ideas for new products and services, instead of reluctantly relegating them to the "later" pile. 

What is this place?

Browsing, Bored.

A day like every other. You're scrolling, searching, otherwise pissing away your time trying to find a solution to something that Just. Will. Not. Work. 

Sigh. Better check emails again. 

Newsletter. Newsletter. Spam. Contact form spam. Coupon. Newsletter. Bill. 

Hang on, this thing is new. Who on earth is the Game Master? Oh well. Click. 

"Look up." It says. And you do. 

Dancing just out of reach is a tiny spark. Magic, your mind whispers. Adventure adventure adventure, your blood chants. 

You unceremoniously abandon what you were doing and reach out to the spark. It moves away, then closer, then away. 

Boredom forgotten, you follow. 

Outside, round the corner. The people you pass don't seem to even register the sparklet, but you're intent on it. Focused. All the while your blood chants "Adventure."

It stops at a large oak you've passed hundreds of times. Today the air around it vibrates and your breath stills. 

The spark sinks into the bark of the tree and glows, growing bigger until it forms the shape of an arched doorway. 

A burst of light has you shielding your eyes. Blinking, the spark is gone and in front of you is a door. 

(Going in? Click here to open the door)

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What is this about?

The Company Ethos:

Sales, Games, and Elementals is built on the idea that there's more than one way to sell and market effectively - and who you are as a person partially determines which techniques will work for you. And which will feel like pushing a rope.

We do two things. 

One; Run fantasy roleplaying games based around the different sales "character" types. 

Two; Resources, worksheets, and templates that make the day to day of sales less monotonous. 

I'm not a coach. I'm not here to "fix your mindset" and I'm certainly not a guru (ew). All I'm doing is providing a playground for you to explore and come face to face with yourself, as well as handing you useful tools along the way. 

(My personal favourite of the handy dandy tools is Sales Bingo, by the way)

Role-playing Games:

Discovery. Leadership. Mastery. 

First we (you and I) figure out which Sales Class suits you best and which approaches feel most natural to you. 

Then (through the games) we explore what it's like to act from that place. Get really comfortable showing up as that class / yourself. And pick up on a whole bunch of soft skills along the way (without ever having to roleplay selling arbitrary objects).

Through practice, you show up in your business more confidently, coherently, and better able to take decisions. 

Your blocks and hang-ups get worked out in-game so when you run into them out in the real world? It's not new. You've dealt with it. You know how to proceed. 

Your Beginning

Where you go now depends on where you'd like to start. What suits you best? Do you want to dip your toe in? Dive in and start swimming? Or maybe grab something light and fun to start? 

It's your choice. 

To The Store!

Browse through for resources, worksheets, games, & support for specific tasks.

To The Games!

Step this way for your own adventure, character sheets,  group events, and taster sessions.

To The Guild!

Become a member and get season tickets to events, extra goodies, and steep discounts on the store.

Don't know where to start?

You could always begin by finding your elemental companion. They're adorable. Plus, if you let them, they'll happily replace the critical voices in your head with something better. 

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